Poems for MIAs

Poem for Ron Arad by Ehud Manor, sung by Boaz Sharabi.
When You're Home/K'Shetavoh
(English) or (Hebrew)

Poem for the MIAs by Namah Simons.

Song for Zachary Baumel, Tzvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz
who were captured in the Battle of Sultan Yaqub, on June 11, 1982
Between Heaven and Hell
(English Lyrics) and (Download Song - 4Mb)

Song for Ron Arad
Words & Music by Ben Reuven .
The Song For Ron Arad
(English) or (Hebrew)
 (Download Song - 4Mb)

Song for Israel's MIAs
Ima Mechaka Ba'bayit
Words & Music by Samuel Green
 (Download Song - 3.6Mb)

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