5 April, 2001
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Baumel,

      For over 18 years, since June 11, 1982, your son Zachary and two
other Israel Defence Forces Soldiers, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz, have
been missing in action since the battle of Sultan Yakub in the Peace for
Galilee Operation.

      As you are aware, the Government of Israel and the Israel Defence
Forces have made every effort to locate and return these soldiers.
Unfortunately neighboring States have a long history of holding both Jews
and Arabs incommunicado for long periods, up to and including 25 years.
Israel considers these missing soldiers to be alive since is has never been
proven otherwise.

      There have been some claims over the decades as to the fate of the
MlAs. However, all these allegations have been proven to be false after
careful investigation by international bodies.

      The State of Israel is appreciative of any assistance extended by
foreign and local sources that will provide information to help solve the
disappearance of your son and his comrades. We fully share in the pain you
have suffered for so many years.

      Please rest assured that the State of Israel will continue to make every
effort to shed light on the fate of your son and his comrades. We will
accordingly be grateful to all those who help in this humanitarian mission.

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