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"Why -unlike the case of Soviet Jewry - are we not launching a huge grassroots campaign for Israel's MIAs...?" (Natan Sharansky, Israeli Minister of the Interior and former Soviet Dissident)

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ICMIS is launching an international campaign to gather signatures on an Internet petition on behalf of Israel's MIAs. The petition will also include the signatures of hundreds of politicians, celebrities religious leaders and other VIPs from across the globe. Copies of the completed petition will be presented to world leaders and to various parliaments throughout the world to demonstrate the broad international support for this cause.

Recent Gallup polls have indicated that virtually all Israelis believe that the issue must be a top priority in the peace negotiations. Please sign the petition and join all of Israel in this humanitarian effort in support of the families of Israel's missing soldiers.

Click Here to Sign the Petition

    Donate to ICMIS

ICMIS is a non-profit organization, which operates solely from donations. Tax exempt donations can be made to ICMIS in Israel.

To recieve a tax exempt receipt in the United States, please make out your donation to ACMAS (American Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers)

If you wish to make a contribution please contact us at:

P.O. Box 32380
Jerusalem 91322


    Wear a Dogtag with the Names
    of Israel's Missing Soldiers

ICMIS produces Israeli army dogtags, engraved with the names of the Israeli soldiers who are missing in action (MIA). By wearing a dogtag you express your solidarity with the MIAs and their families, and help raise awareness regarding this issue. Each dogtag has the name of all missing soldiers, and is available in English or Hebrew. A dogtag is available for donations of $6.00 (U.S.) and above. T-shirts with the names of all Israeli MIAs on a dogtag design are available for donations of $8.00 (U.S.) and above.

If you would like to order a dogtag, with the names of the MIAs please send your request and check to: ICMIS, P.O. Box 32380, Jerusalem, 91322, Israel. You can pay using a personal check (U.S. Funds, or the equivalent), credit card or by bank check. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Please specify:
1) your name and address (including country and zip/postal code)
2) how many dogtags you would like
3) if you would prefer a Hebrew or English tag

    Writing Your Elected Representative*

Despite Israel's best efforts, almost no progress has been made in resolving the issue of Israel's missing men. Clearly an international effort will be needed to force the hand of those Arab regimes that have been unwilling to cooperate on this most basic humanitarian effort. We need your help.

Most governments maintain some degree of diplomatic, commercial or military link with Syria, Iran and the Palestinian Authority. Your government can make a difference. As a constituent you can lobby your government to use its influence with these regimes, to help bring closure for the families of the missing men. Do not underestimate the impact of contacting your parliamentarians or congressional representatives. Elected officials pay attention to their mail. A single letter, e-mail or telephone call to your elected representative can be extremely effective.

The most effective letter is a personal one -- not a form letter. It should be concise, informed, and polite. Some specific tips:

  • Length -- Stick to one typewritten page -- two pages at most. If writing longhand -- write legibly. Be sure your name and return address are legible. If you are writing to your government from abroad be sure to identify your citizenship.

  • First Paragraph -- State your purpose. Stick to one subject or issue. Support you position with the rest of the letter. If a bill is the subject, cite it by name and number. e.g. (in the U.S.) House bill: "H.R.___" "Senate bill: S.___"

  • Content -- Be courteous, to the point, and include key information to support your position. There is also no need to include all relevant points. Avoid tangents that might cloud the bottom line.

  • Let us know if you get any response -- it allows ICMIS to be more effective in coordinating the campaign.
See a sample letter.

Note: When writing to an official with an additional position e.g. the Chair of a Committee, the Speaker of the House, Secretary etc. it is proper to address them as Dear Mr./Madam Chairman: or Dear Mr./Madam Speaker etc.

*based partially on The U.S. Congress Handbook 1999 and the AIPAC 106th Congressional Directory

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