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The following list of articles is arranged chronologically from earliest to latest.  It is by no means exhaustive, there being hundreds of articles from newspapers & magazines around the world on the subject of the missing in action Israeli Soldiers.  We will constantly be adding articles to this list.

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11.06.82  Syrians Parade Israeli Tank in Damascus  Associated Press
12.06.82  Israeli Prisoners in Damascus  La Stampa
21.06.82  Israel Strikes at the P.L.O.  Time Magazine
17.09.82  Percy Appeals to Syria  Associated Press
17.09.82  Washington Briefs  UPI

18.10.86  Israel Demanding Return of Airman  New York Times
06.11.86  U.S. Sent Iran Arms for Hostages  L.A. Times
13.11.86  Israel's Iran Deal Role Bolstering Image as U.S. Ally  L.A. Times
14.12.86  Israel Would Swap Prisoners for Missing Soldier  Reuters
31.12.86  Waite Trying to Get Israeli Captives Released  Reuters

14.08.89  Negotiations with Hizbullah Require Nerves of Steel  Jerusalem Post
19.12.89  Rabin Authorized Meetings Between POW Families, PLO  Associated Press

19.01.90  Israel's Hostage Negotiations  M.E. Defense News
19.03.90  State Dept. Leak Blocks Israeli POW Talks?  M.E. Defense News
24.04.90  Israel Could Open Way to Releases  London Times
04.05.90  Shiite Prisoners Dilemma for Israel in Hostage Endgame  Washington Post
07.05.90  Lebanese Held by Israeli Ally Key to Hostage Fate  Reuters
14.05.90  Captive Are Terrorists, Israel Says  Jerusalem Post
17.05.90  Israel Reacts to Proposed Swap of Bodies & Prisoners  Associated Press

14.03.91  Parents Get News of Captive Sons  Jerusalem Post
15.03.91  Arens: Iran's hints a good omen  Jerusalem Post
08.04.91  No Deal on Hostages  Jerusalem Report
30.05.91  Haggling Over Hostages  Jerusalem Report
26.06.91  Prisoner Deal Said Sunk by Leaks  Jerusalem Post
11.08.91  Israel Willing to Swap Prisoners; Won't Abandon Own  Reuters
15.08.91  At Last, 'Maybe He Will Come Back'  New York Times
16.08.91  Getting Info On Missing Israeli Soldiers Not Simple  Associated Press
19.08.91  Syria behind demands of radical Palestinian groups  Independent
22.08.91  Waiting for the Other Side  Jerusalem Report
25.08.91  Israel Reports Firm Evidence Missing Airman is Alive  Reuters
29.08.91  Israel Demands Iran Free Missing Airman Arad  Jerusalem Post
29.08.91  The Baumel's Secret Search for Their Son  Jerusalem Report
30.08.91  Israel Says Airman Is Hostage of Iranian Guards  New York Times
31.08.91  Tehran Denies Israeli Pilot Held in Iran  Associated Press
08.09.91  Talks on Hostages Bogged Down Over Israeli Flier  New York Times
12.09.91  The Uneven Swap  Jerusalem Post
12.09.91  Palestinian Group: Body of Israeli Soldier Flown to Vienna  Reuters
02.10.91  Hostage Return 'Could Take 20 Years'  Jerusalem Post
02.10.91  Israel Says It Received Information on Missing Soldier  Associated Press
19.11.91  Israel believes all captives could be released this year  London Times
19.11.91  Perez de Cuellar Hopes for Word on Missing Airman  Reuters
19.12.91  Levy Urges Perez de Cuellar to do His All for MiAs  Jerusalem Post
31.12.91  Wife of Israeli Airman Gloomy at New Year   Reuters

17.12.92  Tracing Ron Arad  Jerusalem Report
17.12.92  Families of MIAs Press to Rekindle Interest in Sons' Plight  J.T.A.

1993  Interview with Ron Arad's Co-Pilot & Rescuers  Video-Israel Air Force Youth Corps
08.04.93  Iran Demands Huge Payment for the Release of Ron Arad  Jerusalem Report
14.09.93  Long Lost Sons  Jerusalem Post
25.10.93  Comrades-In-Arms Hold Vigil for MIA's  Jerusalem Post
24.11.93  Tami Arad Pursuing Secret European Leads  Jerusalem Post
28.11.93  Rabin Urged to Condition Releases on Return of MIA  Associated Press
01.12.93  PLO Gives Israel Information on Serviceman Missing  Associated Press
01.12.93  Father: PLO Knows who is Holding MIAs  Jerusalem Post
03.12.93  Rabin: Return of Baumel's Identity Tag is Important  Jerusalem Post
03.12.93  Baumel's Mother: We know our son is still alive  Jerusalem Post
07.12.93  Syria Promises to Help Determine Fate of MIAs  Jerusalem Post
07.12.93  Rabin Welcomes Syrian Offer on Missing Israelis  New York Times
08.12.93  Christopher Meets with MIA Families  Jerusalem Post
09.12.02  Hizbollah Willing to Discuss Fate of Israeli MIAs  Reuters

06.01.94  U.S. Delegation Meets Families of Israeli MIAs  Associated Press
07.01.94  Peres Hopeful US Will Get New Info on MIAs  Jerusalem Post
12.01.94  Congressional Delegation Briefs IDF, Families on MIAs  Jerusalem Post
27.01.94  Israeli Airman Arad 'Being Held in Syria'  Jerusalem Report
10.02.94  Breakthrough Imminent on Israeli MIA   Reuters
24.04.94  Parents of MIAs are 'Tired of Being Orphans'  Jerusalem Post
24.04.94  Iranian FM Denies His Country Holding Ron Arad  Jerusalem Post
22.05.94  Peres: We Haven't Forgotten Ron Arad  Jerusalem Post
10.06.94  Families of MIAs Seeking to Cross into Lebanon  Jerusalem Post
10.06.94  Missing Intelligence  Jerusalem Post
10.06.94  Missing Intelligence (Hebrew)  Jerusalem Post
28.07.94  Palestinian Breaking Group: We Know About All MIAs  Jerusalem Post
11.08.94  A Lesson from Arafat  Jerusalem Report
28.10.94  MIA's Parents Appeal to 1st Lady  Jerusalem Post
15.11.94  Families Hope Klestil Will Be Key to Finding Sons  Jerusalem Post
08.12.94  Prizes and Prisoners  Jerusalem Post

24.01.95  Hezbollah Says Missing Israelis Dead  Chicago Tribune
23.02.95  Iran: We Failed...  Jerusalem Post
24.02.95  Iranian Exile '100% Certain' Arad is Still Alive  Jerusalem Post
27.02.95  Rabin Says Iran is Responsible for Arads Fate  Jerusalem Post
15.04.95  Palestinian Leader Accounts for Missing Israelis  Associated Press
18.04.95  Arafats Clearest Violation  Jerusalem Post
06.06.95  Red Cross Won't Bargain for Israeli MIAs  Jerusalem Post
14.06.95  Families of MIAs Visit the Knesset  Jerusalem Post
21.06.95  MIAs Mother Begins Hunger Strike  Jerusalem Post
05.07.95  Jordan Journalist: PLO Has No Knowledge of MIAs  Jerusalem Post
05.10.95  Syria Urged to Free Hundreds of Palestinians  Jerusalem Report
23.10.95  Rallies Held in London, TA Show Support for Ron Arad  Jerusalem Post

10.01.96  Their Prisoners, Our MIAs  Jerusalem Post
19.03.96  Our Boys  Jerusalem Post
22.07.96  Ilan Sa'adon's Family : We Have Been Forgotten  Jerusalem Post
22.07.96  Whereabouts of Remaining MIAs Still Unknown  Jerusalem Post
22.07.96  MIAs Fink, Alsheikh to be Buried Today  Jerusalem Post
02.08.96  3 MIAs Said Buried in Syria  Jerusalem Post
12.08.96  IDF Confirms Remains of Missing Soldier are Sa'adon's  Jerusalem Post
24.10.96  A Missing Israeli Pilot and a Wall of Stony Silence  NY Daily News

04.07.97  Syria Must End Silence on MIAs  Jewish Week
01.09.97  To Disappear into Thin Air (Hebrew)  Anat Midan
09.10.97  The Missing Exchange  Jerusalem Post

03.05.98  Arafat 'Disappoints' Dutch Group Tracking MIA's  Jerusalem Post
06.05.98  Arad's 40th Birthday Noted Sadly  Ha'aretz
May 1998  Bring Them Home...  Jerusalem Post
14.09.98  Parents Ask for New Team to Locate MIAs  Jerusalem Post
16.12.98  MIA Families Discuss Plight With First Lady  Jerusalem Post

08.06.99  The Lesson of the 'Dakar'  Jerusalem Post
17.08.99  A Mother's Search for her Son  Ha'aretz
17.08.99  A Mother's Search for her Son (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
29.12.99  Former POWs: Put MIAs at Top of Negotiations with Syria (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv

02.01.00  The Mystery of Guy Hever  Jerusalem Post
21.01.00  MIA's -- The Human Element of Peace  Jerusalem Post
02.04.00  Sultan Yaakub MIAs were Transferred to Syria (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
03.04.00  Israel has no Proof Sultan Yaakub MIA's are Dead  Ma'ariv
24.04.00  I am 90% Certain I Saw Guy (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
03.05.00  Head of MIA Unit Visits Jordan(Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
22.05.00  Redeeming Man, Redeeming God  Jerusalem Report
13.06.00  "Arafat Must Reveal All on Sultan Yaqub"(Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
08.10.00  Three IDF soldiers abducted by Hizbullah  Jerusalem Post
08.10.00  Hezbollah's Private War  Ha'aretz
08.10.00  >Background: 30 Years, 16 Captives (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
17.10.00  Tannenbaum's Daughter Appeals for His Release  Jerusalem Post
17.10.00  Nassrallah: "It Seems That Israel Does not Care for its Captives"(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.10.00  Whoever Thought That Withdrawl From Lebanon will Bring Us Quiet, was Mistaken(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.00  Kidnapped Soldiers Dead, Newspaper Says  Jerusalem Post
12.11.00  Lebanese Paper:Captured Israeli Likely Died From Wounds  Ha'aretz
03.12.00  Source:Kidnappers of Soldiers Likely Wore UN Uniforms  Jerusalem Post
04.12.00  >"High Court has Abandoned Ron" (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
06.12.00  Do Everything to Bring the Boys Back Home(Hebrew)  Maariv
11.12.00  Lebanese Newspaper: Possible Captives Exchange in Two Weeks(Hebrew)  Maariv
13.12.00  Lebanese Newpaper: Three Captives Alive  Maariv
15.12.00  MIA Group Launches Petition to Free Captive Soldiers  Jerusalem Post
15.12.00  Head of Intelligence Service in Germany will be Mediator in Captives Exchange(Hebrew)  Maariv
18.12.00  Interview with Adi Avitan's girlfriend(Hebrew)  Ma'ariv

10.01.01  Father of MIA Seeks Candidates' Help  Jerusalem Post
11.01.01  Lebanon Pullout Left "Impossible Situation"  Ha'aretz
12.01.01  NY Politicians to Work for Release of Kidnapped Israelis  Jerusalem Post
26.01.01  Al-Hayat: Germany Renewing Mediation  Ha'aretz
26.01.01  The Waiting Game  Jerusalem Post
01.02.01  "Be Strong and Don't Break Down"  Yediot Aharonot
01.02.01  "Be Strong and Don't Break Down" (Hebrew)  Yediot Aharonot
15.02.01  Sneh Denies Report of Prisoner Swap  Jerusalem Post
14.03.01  IDF Reinvestigating the Battle at Sultan Yakoub (Hebrew)  www.tip.co.il
15.03.01  MIA's Father Wants Rabbinical Court to Declare His   Son Dead  Jerusalem Post
18.03.01  Israeli MIAs Should Be 'High Priority', Senators Tell Bush  Jerusalem Post
05.04.01  Every moment we wish...(Hebrew)  www.ynet.co.il
15.04.01  Taming the Tiger  Jerusalem Post
18.04.01  Known Drug Dealer Helped Kidnap Soldiers  Ha'aretz
25.04.01  The Mystery of Pilot Shmuel Hetz(Hebrew)  Yediot Achronot
02.05.01  MIA's Families Meet with Annan in New York  Jerusalem Post
02.05.01  Disappearance of Shmuel Hetz (Hebrew)  www.ynet.co.il
17.05.01  Lebanese Daily : Israeli Hostages Alive  Reuters
13.06.01  Nasrallah Admits IDF Captives Are Alive  Jerusalem Post
13.06.01  Hizbullah Intensifying Psychological War Against Israel  Jerusalem Post
06.07.01  Israel Demands UN Video of Kidnapping Site  Jerusalem Post
06.07.01  UN Admits it has a Videotape of Soldiers' Kidnap  Ha'aretz
06.07.01  Suspicion in Israel (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
06.07.01  The Huge Eye of the U.N. Force (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
06.07.01  Families of Hostages Demand Tape (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
08.07.01  Israel Demands Unedited UN Tape  Ha'aretz
08.07.01  Security Officials Doubt Authenticity of Kidnapping Photos  Jerusalem Post
08.07.01  UN Official Says Video Cover-Up Allegations Unfounded  Jerusalem Post
08.07.01  Photographs from Lebanon (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
08.07.01  Confrontation Between Israel and the U.N. (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
08.07.01  Families Don't Recognize Children in Pitcures(Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
05.08.01  UN Report: We Mishandled Hizbullah Video  Jerusalem Post
22.08.01  Israeli Team Views UN Videotapes in Geneva  Jerusalem Post
24.08.01  Obeid, Dirani to be Allowed Red Cross Visits  Ha'aretz
24.08.01  Hostages' Families Denounce High Court's Decision  Jerusalem Post
28.08.01  Israel's Missing in Action  Opinion (JPost)
06.09.01  Who Will Save Tami Arad?  Ha'aretz
06.09.01  Who Will Save Tami Arad?(Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
08.10.01  To All People of Conscience  Amos Oz (Ha'aretz)
10.10.01  Responsible for the Kidnapping of Ron Arad (Hebrew)  Yediot Aharonot
11.10.01  Responsible for the Kidnapping of Ron Arad  Yediot Aharonot
11.10.01  UN to Share Info on Kidnapped Soldiers  Ha'aretz
14.10.01  MIA Parents Denounce Nobel Prize Award to Annan, UN  Jerusalem Post
16.10.01  Israelis Mark 15th Anniversary of Capture of Airman Ron Arad  Associated Press
22.10.01  MIA Families Embrace Ze'evi's Family  Jerusalem Post
24.10.01  Hezbollah Rejects Offer for Kidnapped Four  Ha'aretz
25.10.01  IDF Identifies Bodies of Pilots Missing Since '53  Jerusalem Post
25.10.01  Bodies found of Pilot and Navigator (Hebrew)  www.news.walla.co.il
30.10.01  IDF: Kidnapped Soldiers Probably Dead  Jerusalem Post
30.10.01  Background / A Tragic Tale  Ha'aretz
30.10.01  387 Days Between Hope and Despair (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
30.10.01  Tannenbaum Believed Still Held by Hizbullah  J'lm Post/Ha'aretz
31.10.01  Not Resting in Peace  Ha'aretz
02.11.01  IDF Rabbi Rules: Kidnapped Soldiers 'Fell in Action'  Jerusalem Post
02.11.01  Suffering of Parents Still Not Over (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
05.11.01  Peres Tells Syrian FM: Return Our Boys for Burial  Jerusalem Post
08.11.01  Ben-Eliezer: Information on Missing Soldiers was Reliable  Jerusalem Post
11.11.01   Ron Arad's Family Received Some of his Belongings in 1999  Ha'aretz
12.11.01  Ron Arad's Family Received his Belongings (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
21.11.01  Annan Promises to Return Effects of MIAs  Ha'aretz
21.11.01  Annan Promises (Hebrew)  Ha'aretz
26.11.01  UN Tests Identify Blood Samples of Two Israeli MIAs  Jerusalem Post
26.11.01  Soaud's Blood Not Found in Jeep(Hebrew)  www.ynet.co.il
27.11.01  DNA Tests Give Hope  Ha'aretz
28.11.01  The Disappearance of Yakov Migovski (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv

10.01.02  "Dakar" Mother Receives Son's Uniform (Hebrew)  www.ynet.co.il
18.01.02  MIA Families See UNIFIL Videos  Jerusalem Post
19.01.02  Iran Said to Hold Missing Israeli Airman  UPI
25.02.02  Progress Reported in Prisoner-Exchange Talks  Jerusalem Post
07.03.02  Tannenbaum in Captivity for 500 Days  Jerusalem Post
25.03.02  Syria Can, But Won't, Influence Hezbollah Over Kidnap Victims  Ha'aretz
04.04.02  Court Document: Ron Arad had operation in Lebanese hospital  Associated Press
12.04.02  Hizbullah Offers to Trade Tannenbaum  Jerusalem Post
24.04.02  Supreme Court Turns Down Arad Family Appeal  Jerusalem Post
28.04.02  Hizbullah Offers Prisoner Swap with Israel  Associated Press
02.06.02  Sultan Yacoub MIAs Promoted After 20 Years  Jerusalem Post
05.06.02  25th Birthday of Israeli MIA Noted in Congress  Jerusalem Post
07.06.02  New Team to Look into the Fate of Navigator Ron Arad  Ha'aretz
11.06.02  Return of Hizbullah Captive Raises Hopes for Prisoner Exchange  Jerusalem Post
11.06.02  Freeing of Hizbullah Prisoner Ahead of Possible Exchange (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
14.06.02  Missing In Action  Jerusalem Post
24.06.02  Batya Arad, Mother of Missing Airman Ron Arad, Dies at 68  Ha'aretz
30.06.02  Hizbullah Pushing for Prisoner Swap  Jerusalem Post
03.07.02  Hizbullah Plot to Kidnap Israelis  Jerusalem Post
10.07.02  Proposal: Tannenbaum for Barghouti (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
11.07.02  Naveh: Syria Key to Missing Israelis  Jerusalem Post
14.07.02  MIA families appeal to leaders of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran  Jerusalem Post
17.07.02  Genetic Samples are not Ron Arad's (Hebrew)  Ma'ariv
19.07.02  Knesset Advances MIA Information Bill  Jerusalem Post
19.07.02  Genetic Samples from Iran don't Match Ron Arad's Family  Jerusalem Post
31.07.02  Hezbollah Ready for Detainees' Swap  Gulf News
07.08.02  Let PR constrain policy  Jerusalem Post
12.08.02  Tannenbaum's Children Send Birthday Gift to Captive Father  Jerusalem Post
17.09.02  MIA Families to Testify Before Congress  Jerusalem Post
02.10.02  Congress to hold discussion over fate of kidnapped Israelis in Lebanon
03.10.02  Families of MIAs get hearing in Congress  Ha'aretz
15.10.02  Tannenbaum Family Marks Two Years Since Kidnapping  Jerusalem Post
16.10.02  >Talks with Hezbollah Stalled, 2 Years After Tannenbaum Abduction  Ha'aretz
16.10.02  Keren Tannenbaum: Let My Father Go  Jerusalem Post

07.01.03  Family of Israeli captive welcomes news he is alive  Jerusalem Post
21.02.03  Families of Hostages Call on US for Help  Jerusalem Post
21.04.03  Those Not Yet Free  Jerusalem Post
18.06.03  MIA's Father Claims Son Moved From Syria to Lebanon  Jerusalem Post
03.07.03  3 Skeletons In Lebanon May Be From 1982 War  Jerusalem Post
04.07.03  Families Speak up on Soldiers Missing in Lebanon  Jerusalem Post
04.07.03  Families of MIAs  Maariv
04.07.03  Hizbullah: Three Skeletons of Israelis Found by Sultan Yaqub  Maariv
05.07.03  Families of MIA's Call on Government Not to Release Palestinian Prisoners  Jerusalem Post
06.07.03  Lebanese Paper Claims Remains Found Are Not MIAs  Jerusalem Post
06.07.03  Three Skeletons are of Palestinians(Hebrew)  Maariv
08.07.03  Victim's family: Hizbullah abductees should be released, too  Jerusalem Post
08.07.03  Elchanan Tannenbaum - 1,000 Days in Captivity(Hebrew)  Maariv
15.07.03  What's Worse than a Prisoner Exchange?  Jerusalem Post
16.07.03  Israeli civilian Tannenbaum is Alive but in Poor Health  Haaretz
16.07.03  Elchanan Tannenbaum is Alive but Not Well(Hebrew)  Maariv
17.07.03  Syria Ready to Discuss Releasing Kidnapped Israelis  Haaretz
17.07.03  Unexpected News From Syria  Jerusalem Post
18.08.03  Enlisted on the Day his Soldier Brother Disappeared(Hebrew)  Maariv
18.08.03  Mysterious Disappearance(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.08.03  Possible Deal With Hizbullah Soon(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.08.03  Israel, Hizbullah Say Prisoner Swap Possible 'within months'  Jerusalem Post
27.08.03  Red Cross Officials Meet Parents of Missing Soldiers  Jerusalem Post
27.08.03  Red Cross: Negotiations for Missing Soldiers have Reached "point of no return"  Jerusalem Post
27.08.03  Prisoners' Relatives Express Mixed Reactions Over Swap  Jerusalem Post
27.08.03  Mediator Visits Tannenbaum in Hezbollah Captivity  Haaretz
28.08.03  Optimism Grows as MIA's Family Meets Red Cross Envoy  Haaretz
28.08.03  Rumors of Prisoner Swap Premature(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.08.03  The Last Nail(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.08.03  What's Up Hizbullah's Sleeve?  Jerusalem Post
02.09.03  Report: Missing Navigator Ron Arad May Still be Alive  Jerusalem Post
03.09.03  Committee Says no Reason to Assume MIA Arad is not Alive   Haaretz
03.09.03  Committee Assesses: Ron Arad is Alive(Hebrew)   Maariv
18.09.03  Hizbullah exchange said to exclude Arad   Jerusalem Post
18.09.03  Biran off to Germany for prisoner swap talks   Jerusalem Post
18.09.03  Israel may include Palestinians in Hezbollah prisoner swap   Haaretz
18.09.03  Report: Release of Captives Within Month (Hebrew)  Maariv
18.09.03  A Letter From Tannenbaum to His Family (Hebrew)  Maariv
21.09.03  Arad Family Considers Appeal(Hebrew)  Maariv
21.09.03  Ministers express misgivings about Hezbollah swap  Haaretz
22.09.03  Prisoner swap deal may include Barghouti, 200 Palestinians   Jerusalem Post
22.09.03  Hizbullah: Release Barghouti(Hebrew)  Maariv
23.09.03  Prisoner exchange imminent, sides say   Jerusalem Post
23.09.03  Nasrallah vows to discover Arad's fate   Jerusalem Post
23.09.03  Hanegbi: Barghouti will not be released in prisoner swap  Jerusalem Post
23.09.03  Analysis: Hostage swap boon for Hizbullah  Jerusalem Post
23.09.03  Analysis / Not so fast in tortuous talks   Haaretz
23.09.03  Negotiations for Prisoner Exchange to Continue Today in Germany (Hebrew)  Maariv
23.09.03  Israel weighing exile for Palestinians freed in Hezbollah swap   Haaretz
23.09.03  Prisoner Exchange For Government Vote (Hebrew)  Maariv
23.09.03  Chen Arad on Prisoner Exchange Negotiations (Hebrew)  Maariv
24.09.03  IAF chief: Ron Arad must be part of any prisoner swap  Haaretz
24.09.03  We Have Additional Bargaining Chips (Hebrew)  Maariv
24.09.03  Former German mediator says Arad is alive  Jerusalem Post
24.09.03  Arad family sues Dirani for NIS 100m in damages  Jerusalem Post
25.09.03  Why just Ron Arad?   Haaretz
26.09.03  Arad Family to Receive Report Stating Ron Alive  Jerusalem Post
26.09.03  Arad Family Sues to Delay Deal  Jerusalem Post
26.09.03  Black Box / Leave it to Sheikh Nasrallah   Haaretz
26.09.03  Sharon: There is a Living Israeli in an Arab Prison, Tomorrow He May Not Be (Hebrew)  Maariv
26.09.03  A Moral Question (Hebrew)  Maariv
28.09.03  Iran Wants Envoy in Hizbullah Swap  Jerusalem Post
29.09.03  Background / If Nasrallah's OK, What About Arafat?   Haaretz
29.09.03  Nasrallah As A Palestinian Hero (Hebrew)  Maariv
29.09.03  The Public Must be Informed About Tannenbaum (Hebrew)  Maariv
29.09.03  456 Prisoners For Tannenbaum and The Bodies (Hebrew)  Maariv
29.09.03  Strategic Mistake (Hebrew)  Maariv
29.09.03  A Better Way to Bring Our Boys Home  Jerusalem Post
29.09.03  Analysis: The Cost of the Swap  Jerusalem Post
29.09.03  Don't Release Any More Prisoners  Jerusalem Post
29.09.03  Hizbullah Will Only Grow Stronger (Hebrew)  Maariv
29.09.03  High Court Postpones Prisoner Swap Ruling Until Oct. 9   Haaretz
30.09.03  Crisis in Prisoner Negotiations (Hebrew)  Maariv
30.09.03  High Court Debates Arad's Appeal (Hebrew)  Maariv
30.09.03  High Court Delays Ruling That Could Halt Prisoner Swap  Jerusalem Post
30.09.03  Israel Asks Egypt to Help Find Remains of MIAs  Jerusalem Post
01.10.03  There are no Private Hostages (Hebrew)  Maariv
02.10.03  Negotiating the Deal   Jerusalem Post
02.10.03  The Price Must be Right   Jerusalem Post
02.10.03  Prisoners' Dilemma   Jerusalem Post
03.10.03  Exchange Rates   Jerusalem Post
03.10.03  At Any Price?(Hebrew)  Maariv
07.10.03  Gov't Report: Great Possibility Arad Alive   Jerusalem Post
08.10.03  Report: Prisoner Exchange Deal to be Completed in 3 Weeks   Jerusalem Post
08.10.03  IDF: Sultan Ya'akov MIA's "dead - burial place unknown"   Jerusalem Post
08.10.03  IDF: Sultan Yaqub MIAs - Not Alive(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.10.03  Army Considers Declaring Three Missing Sultan Yakub Soldiers Killed in Action  Haaretz
09.10.03  IDF Report: 3 Missing From Sultan Yaqub Are Dead(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.10.03  Missing Guy  Haaretz
16.10.03  Thousands Attend Ron Arad Rally in Tel-Aviv   Jerusalem Post
20.10.03  Sharon Intent on Prisoner Exchange   Jerusalem Post
22.10.03  Tannenbaum Lured to Abu Dhabi, Drugged, Shipped to Lebanon   Jerusalem Post
22.10.03  Keren Tannenbaum: Releasing Details Endangers my Father's Life   Jerusalem Post
22.10.03  Don't Forget our Sons - Call by Father of Missing Soldier   Jerusalem Post
22.10.03  If There is no Deal, My Father will Die(Hebrew)  Maariv
23.10.03  Reports are Malicious(Hebrew)  Maariv
23.10.03  Sharon: Information will be Verified When he Returns(Hebrew)  Maariv
23.10.03  The Man who Sold Tannenbaum(Hebrew)  Maariv
23.10.03  The Pity of Tannenbaum   Jerusalem Post
23.10.03  Comment: The Media's Moral Dilemma   Jerusalem Post
23.10.03  Court Denies Tannenbaum Family's Plea  Jerusalem Post
23.10.03  Drugs? Gambling?(Hebrew)  Maariv
23.10.03  The Right to Live Vs. The Right to Know(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.10.03  Is it Freeing a Prisoner or is it a Disgrace?(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.10.03  Putting the Halachic Issues Aside(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.10.03  IAF Ex POWs - Do Not Release Dirani Without Ron Arad(Hebrew)  Maariv
30.10.03  IAF ex-POWs Slam Prisoner Exchange  Jerusalem Post
30.10.03  Hizbullah Accuses Israel of 'procrastination' on Swap  Jerusalem Post
30.10.03  Maybe Zecharia is Waiting For Me(Hebrew)  Sheva Be'Sheva
05.11.03  Families Campaign for Cabinet Approval of Prisoner Swap  Jerusalem Post
05.11.03  Shin Bet ompiles List of 400 for Prisoner Exchange  Jerusalem Post
05.11.03  Mixed Reactions in Govenment on Prisoner Exchange(Hebrew)  Maariv
06.11.03  Sharon to Seek Cabinet Okay for Hostage Swap  Jerusalem Post
06.11.03  PM Meets with Hostages' Families  Jerusalem Post
06.11.03  Ignore Your Emotions(Hebrew)  Maariv
06.11.03  Families of Kidnapped Persuade Ministers to Support Deal(Hebrew)  Maariv
06.11.03  "We Will Do Everything to Stop the Deal"(Hebrew)  Maariv
06.11.03  Sultan Yakoub families left out of prisoner deal  Jerusalem Post
07.11.03  Ron is Not Yet Out(Hebrew)  Maariv
07.11.03  Column One: Negotiating With Terrorists  Jerusalem Post
07.11.03  Hizbullah Repeats Threat to Cancel Deal; Kidnap Israelis  Jerusalem Post
07.11.03  The Deal of Their Life(Hebrew)  Maariv
07.11.03  Questionable Dealings(Hebrew)  Maariv
07.11.03  Yuval Arad Writes to Sharon(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  Nasrallah: No Deal Without Haran Family Murderer  Jerusalem Post
09.11.03  Hostage Swap Likely to Squeeze by Cabinet  Jerusalem Post
09.11.03  Lawyer: Obeid, Dirani not Linked to Arad  Jerusalem Post
09.11.03  Cabinet Votes 12:11 in Favor of Prisoner Exchange  Jerusalem Post
09.11.03  The Danger of Giving in(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  We Have Not Given Up on Ron Arad(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  The Exchange Will Cause More Kidnapping(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  A Moral Failure(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  Why I Oppose the Deal(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  The Moment of Truth(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  Principles of Prisoner Exchange(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  Families: We will not Rest Untill our Sons Come Home(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.11.03  Arad Family: Open an Investigation Against Dirani(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  Hostage Swap Passes by 1 Vote  Jerusalem Post
10.11.03  Prisoner Exchange May not Go Through(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  Fear: Prisoner Exchnage will not go Through(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  A Long Way to go(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  A Victory for Terrorism(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  By One Vote(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  Not Over Yet(Hebrew)  Maariv
10.11.03  "Ron Arad is Alive"(Hebrew)  Maariv
11.11.03  Dirani: "I treated Arad in a kind and compassionate manner"(Hebrew)  Maariv
12.11.03  The Syrians Interrogated Tannenbaum(Hebrew)  Maariv
13.11.03  A One Way Leadership(Hebrew)  Maariv
17.11.03  "Conditions of Prisoner Exchange - Not Acceptable"(Hebrew)  Maariv
17.11.03  Israel Looking for a 'Creative Solution' for the Release of Kuntar(Hebrew)  Maariv
17.11.03  Hizbullah stays mum on prisoners swap  Jerusalem Post
17.11.03  Nasrallah turns down prisoner exchange  Jerusalem Post
18.11.03  Sharon: "Kuntar will not be Released"(Hebrew)  Maariv
28.11.03  False Notice(Hebrew)  Maariv
28.11.03  Israel Proposed: Azzam for Kuntar(Hebrew)  Maariv
14.12.03  Report: Hizbullah Waits for Iran's Green Light to 'Trade' for Information on Ron Arad(Hebrew)  Haaretz

08.01.04  A History of Sultan Yakoub Battle  Jerusalem Post
08.01.04  Letter to Bashar Assad from Yona Baumel, father of MIA  Jerusalem Post
07.01.04  Hizbullah: We Have not Given Up on Prisoner Exchange(Hebrew)  Maariv
11.01.04  Analysis: What about the prisoner swap?  Jerusalem Post
18.01.04  Rabbis to Pope: Help us Obtain Information on our MIAs(Hebrew)  Maariv
19.01.04  Nasrallah's Gamble(Hebrew)  Ynet
22.01.04  Biran Returns From Meeting with German Mediator(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.01.04  Prisoner exchange to take place this week  Jerusalem Post
24.01.04  MK Stern: "The deal will cause more kidnapping"(Hebrew)  Ynet
24.01.04  Nasrallah's Winning Card(Hebrew)  Ynet
24.01.04  Double Ladder(Hebrew)  Ynet
24.01.04  The Deal: Following Years of Ups and Downs(Hebrew)  Ynet
24.01.04  "Prisoner Exchange Will Take Place This Week"(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.01.04  "they will most probably not come back alive"(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.01.04  Cabinet to discuss prisoner exchange with Hizbullah  Jerusalem Post
24.01.04  'The pain is only just starting'  Jerusalem Post
24.01.04  Will Kuntar Be Released In Return for Information Regarding Ron Arad?(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.01.04  Steinitz: "deal is morally wrong"(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.01.04  POW swap finalizedEnglish)  Maariv
25.01.04  The Exchange will be Excuted the End of the Week (Hebrew)  Ynet
25.01.04  Sharon: Mystery of Arad is Closer to Being Solved(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  History of Arab-Israeli prisoner swaps  Associated Press
25.01.04  With Mixed Feelings(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  The Deal Will be Completed in Munich(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  The Great Longing & the Sting of Insult(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  A Deal Without Ron(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  From Captiviy to the Interrogation Room(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Celebrations in Lebanon(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  The Mothers are Preparing(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  From the Kidnapping to the Deal(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Prices are Going Up(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  A Good Deal, Under the Circumstances(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Dirnai: I also want Ron Arad to return very soon(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  17 Years in Captivity(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Nasrallah's Promised:"Kuntar will be released by April 22"(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Past Deals(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Severe Criticism on Deal from Right(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  1,105 Terrorists for 3 Soldiers(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Nasrallah's Next Target(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  "And what about us?"(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Nasrallah's Great Accomplishment(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  "On Thursday you will discover who is alive"(Hebrew)  Maariv
25.01.04  Analysis / Bend it like Hezbollah   Haaretz
25.01.04  Analysis / Iran's key role in Kuntar formula   Haaretz
25.01.04  Wag the sheikh: MKs suspect deal's timing  Jerusalem Post
25.01.04  Nasrallah threatens more kidnappings  Jerusalem Post
25.01.04  The 'No Other Choice' Deal (Hebrew)  Ynet
26.01.04  The wau the exchange will be executed(Hebrew)  Ynet
26.01.04  44% in favor of the Deal - 43% Against(Hebrew)  Maariv
26.01.04  Nassrallah refuses to reveal if missing soldiers still aliveEnglish)  Maariv
26.01.04  Mofaz: Israel closer than ever to obtaining Arad infoEnglish)  Maariv
26.01.04  Nasrallah's Double(Hebrew)  Maariv
26.01.04  "We are very close to obtaining information regarding Ron Arad"(Hebrew)  Maariv
26.01.04  "We will continue kidnapping"(Hebrew)  Maariv
26.01.04  Harmful Chatter(Hebrew)  Maariv
26.01.04  Planning the Ceremony(Hebrew)  Maariv
26.01.04  Prisoners' list to be published 48h. in advance  Jerusalem Post
26.01.04  Analysis: German mediation was the key  Jerusalem Post
26.01.04  News on Arad could alter prisoner release criteria  Jerusalem Post
26.01.04  Battle Cry  Jerusalem Post
27.01.04   Prisoner swap includes killers  Jerusalem Post
27.01.04   Analysis: Hizbullah in distress  Jerusalem Post
27.01.04   Tannenbaum to face difficult homecoming  Jerusalem Post
27.01.04   Prisoners' release process starts Tuesday  Jerusalem Post
27.01.04  Iran:"Prisoner exchange is a great victory"(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.01.04  Security Source: Low chance that Ron Arad will return(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.01.04  Overrated Optomism(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.01.04  The Names(Hebrew)  Maariv
27.01.04  IDF Chief of Staff: "The deal brings us closer to solving the mystery of Ron Arad"(Hebrew)  Ynet
28.01.04  Israeli Delegation on its way to Germany(Hebrew)  Ynet
28.01.04   IDF Chief Rabbi in Germany to identify MIAs  Jerusalem Post
28.01.04   Planes arrive in Koln  Jerusalem Post
28.01.04   Katsav: I haven't forgotten other MIAs  Jerusalem Post
29.01.04   Iranian officials: Ron Arad is not in Iran  Jerusalem Post
29.01.04  Tannenbaum: "I went for Ron Arad"(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  With Pain and Pride(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  A New Feel?(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04   MIAs, TANNENBAUM ARRIVE IN ISRAEL  Jerusalem Post
29.01.04  It is the same Elchanan(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  "I wanted to find out about Ron Arad"(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  A Deal in the Snow(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  The conflict of the Ceremony(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  1210 days(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  First step to Freedom(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  Lebanon is preparing the celebrations(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  Lacking in Peace(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  Israeli citizens will pay(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  The three bodies have been idenified(Hebrew)  Maariv
29.01.04  Background / The mother of all prisoner exchange deals   Haaretz
29.01.04  No negotiations with terrorists, but ...   Haaretz
29.01.04   Tannenbaum in Israeli custody  Jerusalem Post
29.01.04   IDF: Avitan, Avraham and Sawayid deceased  Jerusalem Post
29.01.04   IDF informs the families: the bodies have been identified (Hebrew)  Ynet
30.01.04  Hail to the sheikh   Haaretz
30.01.04  Nassrallah threatens more abductions  Maariv International
31.01.04   Tannenbaum moved for interrogation(Hebrew)   Ynet
01.02.04  A mere warmup(Hebrew)  Maariv
01.02.04  Because of the Teeth(Hebrew)  Maariv
01.02.04  Tannenbaum:"Sharon is Prime Minister?"(Hebrew)  Maariv
01.02.04   Tannenbaum faces interrogation today  Jerusalem Post
01.02.04  Was not aware of September 11th(Hebrew)  Maariv
01.02.04  Well Meaning(Hebrew)  Maariv
02.02.04  Bottom Line: Baumel is Very Cautiously Optimistic  Arutz 7
02.02.04   Israel says bones received are not Arad's  Jerusalem Post
02.02.04   Bone fragment received from Hizbullah is not Ron Arad's  Jerusalem Post
02.02.04  Israel examined the bone and concluded: This is not Ron(Hebrew)  Maariv
03.02.04   Forgotten in captivity  Jerusalem Post
04.02.04  Who is the sick one?(Hebrew)  Maariv
15.02.04   IDF to declare Sultan Yakoub soldiers dead  Jerusalem Post
16.02.04   Families of missing soldiers angry at IDF  Jerusalem Post
16.02.04   Memories from Sultan Yakoub  Jerusalem Post
16.02.04   Father of MIA Baumel: No evidence to suggest three are dead   Haaretz
16.02.04   IDF Rabbi concludes: Sultan Yaqub MIA not alive (Hebrew)  Ynet
16.02.04   Yona Baumel: An American Doctor was our contact with Syria (Hebrew)  Ynet
25.02.04   Possible deal would allow Tannenbaum's release  Jerusalem Post
29.02.04   Search for missing soldiers to resume  Jerusalem Post
03.03.04   Security Sources: Tannenbaum was not a Hizzbullah agent  Ynet
04.03.04   Blaming Censorships(Hebrew)  Ynet
04.03.04  Polygraph results: Tannenbaum account true(Hebrew)  Maariv
07.03.04  State Comptroller to examine Tannennbaum affair(Hebrew)  Maariv
17.04.04  Development in second stage of prisoner exchange with Hizbullah(Hebrew)  Ynet
26.04.04  Tannenbaum 'conned' the Hizbullah(Hebrew)  Maariv
02.05.04  New Information on the fate of Ron Arad(Hebrew)  Maariv
03.05.04   Ron Arad information said pending  Jerusalem Post
05.05.04   Chen Arad: Use of Ron is political cynicism  Jerusalem Post
05.05.04   Lebanese newspaper:"The Deal for Arad and the missing three of Sultan Yaqub is close"(Hebrew)  Ynet
05.05.04   Sources: Ron Arad bone fragment may be sent to Israel   Jerusalem Post
08.05.04   Bone said being tested for Arad DNA   Jerusalem Post
09.05.04  Under examination: Does the bone belong to Ron Arad?(Hebrew)  Ynet
12.05.04   Report: Hizbullah says has found Ron Arad's grave   Jerusalem Post
07.06.04  Report: The bone sent from Lebanon does not belong to Ron Arad(Hebrew)  Ynet
21.06.04  Supreme Court: Two of Sultan Yaqub MIAs will not be declared dead(Hebrew)  Ynet
21.06.04  Yehuda Katz will not be declared dead by IDF(Hebrew)  Maariv
21.06.04   'Zack is still alive'  Jerusalem Post
23.06.04  For the first time since '82: Head of Mossad meets Yona Baumel(Hebrew)  Ynet
16.08.04  IDF to renew search for Guy Hever  Maariv International
16.08.04  "A seven year-old nightmare"(Hebrew)  Maariv
17.09.04   Sharon: Israel received no information on Arad  Jerusalem Post
14.10.04   Fly-past to mark 18 years since Ron Arad's capture  Jerusalem Post
24.10.04   Former German intelligence chief: Ron Arad is dead  Jerusalem Post
25.10.04   PM's office: We are still looking for Arad  Jerusalem Post
25.10.04  German Intelligence: Ron Arad is not alive(Hebrew)  Maariv
30.10.04   Israel to offer $10 million for information on Ron Arad  Jerusalem Post
31.10.04  "10 Million dollars for information on Ron Arad"(Hebrew)  Maariv
19.11.04  Report: IDF to Reverse Decision Declaring Sultan Yaakoub MIAs Dead   IsraelNN
19.11.04  Localization of Sultan Yaqub MIAs will continue(Hebrew)  Maariv
04.12.04  Yona Baumel to Sharon "You are discriminating between ranks"(Hebrew)  Maariv
07.12.04  10 Million dollar reward for information on Ron Arad(Hebrew)  Maariv
22.12.04  Search Renewed for Guy Hever(Hebrew)  Maariv
24.12.04  Calls from Iran following the 10 million dollar reward(Hebrew)  Ynet

04.01.05  Minister Shalom turns to Syria for information on Guy Hever(Hebrew)  Ynet
05.01.05  "Israel did not do enough for Ron"(Hebrew)  Ynet
06.01.05  "The Palestinians have information on the MIAs"(Hebrew)  Maariv
16.01.05  What Assad is not telling(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.03.05  More Clues Lead to Optimism Regarding MIA Soldier   IsraelNN
14.03.05  "We received a sign of life from Zecharia"(Hebrew)  Maariv
15.03.05  Zachary Baumel's father says he received sign of life  Jerusalem Post
29.03.05   New information on Ron Arad being verified  Jerusalem Post
17.04.05  Guy's beret was found in the safe(Hebrew)  Maariv
09.06.05  "I saw the three MIAs alive"(Hebrew)  Maariv
11.06.05   Sultan Yakoub, 23 years after  Jerusalem Post
11.06.05   'We've a right to get our son back'  Jerusalem Post
11.06.05   The Katzes live in hope  Jerusalem Post
11.06.05   For the Feldmans, the strain of a vain quest  Jerusalem Post
11.07.05  $10 Million for every MIA(Hebrew)  Maariv
11.07.05  USD 10 million for missing soldier info  Ynet

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