Congress of the United States
January 26, 1999


Wednesday, Febuary 10, 1999
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Room H137 U.S. Capitol
Dear Colleague:

  We want to call your attention to an invitation you should have received from the International
  Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers inviting you to a reception held on behalf of Miriam and
  Yona Baumel, parents of Zachary Baumel, an American citizen and sergeant in the Israeli
  Defense Forces.

  Zachary and two IDF comrades were captured by forces affiliated with the Palestine Liberation
  Organization on June II, 1982 during a tank battle against Syrian forces occupying Lebanon.For
  the last sixteen and a half years,the Syrian government and the PLO have failed to cooperate with
  efforts to uncover the fate of these men. Mr. and Mrs. Baumel have waged a campaign to learn
  the fate of their son to no avail. Although Zachary's plight has been an issue of discussion among
  Israeli, Palestinian, Syrian, and American leaders, the Baumels are still anxiously awaiting

  We strongly encourage you to attend this reception, which is being given in cooperation with
  several Members of Congress. Please join us and the International Coalition for Missing Israeli
  Soldiers on February 10 to meet the Baumels and offer your support, as well as to learn more
  about Zachary's story and how the Congress might help to end this family tragedy.