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 November 19, 2004 : The IDF has reversed its decision to declare Sultan Yaqub MIAs dead. Last February family of MIA Yehuda Katz petitioned to the High Court, after learning of an IDF report which determined that the Sultan Yaqub MIAS, Yehuda Katz, Zecharia Baumel and Tzvi Feldman, are no longer alive. The Katz's claimed that there is no clear evidence that the three were killed. In fact, the family stated that they have evidence that suggests otherwise, and asked the court to prevent the army from declaring the MIAs dead.
Recently, the present head of IDF human resources, Major General Elazar Stern, has recommended to Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon and Defense Minister Shaol Mofaz to refrain from declaring Yehuda Katz as a 'Fallen soldier whose place of burial is unknown'. Read the Maariv article (Hebrew), and IsraelNN article (English).

 June 11th, 2004 was the 22nd anniversary of the Battle of Sultan Ya'akub. Read the Jerusalem Post article 'Zack is still alive' by Dr. Stuart Ditchek, a childhood friend of Zack who is working alongside the Baumel's in search for information regarding Zack's whereabouts. To this day, Yona Baumel, Zack's father continues to receive unconfirmed reports that his son is still alive and being held under Syrian control.

 High Court Upholds MIA Family Petition: IDF cannot declare Sultan Yaqub MIAs dead. Read the issued statement by ICMIS. Also Available in Hebrew.

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30 May 2004 - Guy Hever is now 27 years old. This is Guy's 7th birthday since his disappearance. The disappearance of Guy Hever is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of the IDF. A soldier in uniform, carrying his weapon, but not in a combat situation, has never gone missing for such a long period of time.

On January 29, 2004, through a prisoner exchange between Israel and the Hizbullah, Elchanan Tannebaum was returned to Israel, along with the remains of the three soldiers, Adi Avitan, Omar Sawayid, and Benny Avraham, who were abducted and killed by the Hizbullah. Elchanan Tannenbaunm is the first living prisoner Hizbullah has ever exchanged with Israel.
For more details, please visit our archives  

Read the published Cabinet Decision Framework: Principles for the Agreement to Release Israeli Prisoners and Hostages Held in Lebanon regarding the recent prisoner exchange.  

Sept. 2003: A special committee appointed to examine the case of MIA Air Force navigator Ron Arad has concluded that Ron Arad may still be alive as there is no evidence to prove otherwise. Read The Jerusalem Report article (English) and Ma'aric article (Hebrew)

All our Letters of Support are now indexed together and include documents from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Ministers.

The expanded Archives, featuring over 160 articles, is now in an easier to use format. While you are here, please read the opinion piece by award winning author Amos Oz, co-signed by A.B. Yehoshua and Elie Wiesel "To All People of Conscience."  Also take a look at "Who Will Free Tami Arad," an article about the plight of agunot from the perspective of air force widows, also available in Hebrew.

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