16 April 2001
Mr. And Mrs. Baumel

Dear Yona and Miriam,

This letter is in continuation to our meeting on March 21, 2001 during
which the matter of the IDF MIA Zechariah Baumel, Zvika Feldman and
Yehuda Katz was discussed.
Zechariah your son was a member of a tank crew that has been missing
since June 11, 1982 during a battle between IDF forces and the Syrian
army in the district of Sultan Yacoub in the Beka'a valley in Lebanon.
As I mentioned during our meeting, Israel treats soldiers who are listed as
missing in action as alive until such time that there is a proof to the
The government of Israel will continue to make effort through a variety of
ways to shed light on the fate of our sons.

I pray that our sons will soon return home.

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