Statement by Senator Kennedy on the Zachary Baumel Case
March 18, 1999

        Zachary Baumel, an American citizen in the Israeli army, has
been missing in action since the fighting in Lebanon in 1982. His
parents have been working tirelessly ever since to obtain
information on Zachary's whereabouts.

        Today, in the Senate, I had the privilege of meeting Miriam
Baumal, Zachary's courageous and long-suffering mother. I told her
that I will do all I can to help. I'm proud to be a sponsor of the
current Senate bill that requires the State Department to raise the
issue with the Syrian Government and the Palestinian Authority, and
report to Congress on any information that can be obtained.

         All of us who support the peace process in the Middle East
must make the issue of Zachary Baumel and the other MIA's a top
priority in the ongoing negotiations. Their loved ones have endured
too much anguish and uncertainty for too long.

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