Embassy of the United States of America
 Tel  Aviv ,Israel
 December 5, 1991

        The freeing of Terry Anderson made December 4 a
special day for us, as we cleared the account of Americans
held hostage in Lebanon. On this occasion, I wanted to
extend my Government's appreciation and my own to you and
your Government for your roles in the release of all the
American and other hostages. Without the statesmanship that
Israel demonstrated and your own uncanny sense of tactics in
this complicated affair, I do not believe that we would be
celebrating so soon the release of all American hostages.

The clearing of the "American account" does not mean
an end to our efforts in this area. We are well aware of
your concern for the fate of Israeli MIA's and the return of
the remains of Israelis who may have died in captivity. We
share your concerns on this issue and hope to continue
working with you to address these problems.

        I enclose a message of thanks to you from the U.S.
Department of State.

Warm regards.

Sincerely Yours,

William A. Brown
Mr. Uri Lubrani
    Coordinator for Lebanese Affairs
      Ministry of Defence
        Tel Aviv