Guy Hever - 25th Birthday

Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem - June 2, 2002

Rina Hever, mother of MIA Guy Hever, is joined by Yona Baumel, father of MIA Zachary Baumel, and former POWs to mark an un-happy birthday for Guy Hever, who disappeard August 17, 1997.

Above (Left), Rina Hever stands next to a picture of her son, Guy. (Right) Rina Hever with Yona Baumel, father of MIA Zachary Baumel.

Above (Left) Rina Hever, together with former POWs, lights a 1 meter dogtag shaped birthday cake with Guy's name and ID Number. (Right) Rina Hever introduces statement by US Congressman Anthony Weiner.


Chanukah 2000

The families of the kidnapped soldiers, Adi Avitan, Binyamin Avraham and Omar Souad, present International Committee of the Red Cross official, Rene Cosnik, with religious items in the presence of Israeli officials - a Menorah and Bible for Binyamin Avraham and Adi Avitan and a Koran for Omar Souad.

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Cohen)

From left: Eyal Avitan, Edna & Yakov Avitan, Kasem Souad, Cosnik and Haim Avraham.

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